Permit for shooting at TMB

Shooting at TMB during the new normal

Shooting at TMB

• The theme is the same as in previous years: free, with some of TMB's transports.
• The duration must be no longer than 3 minutes and 30 seconds, including credits.

The shooting permit is the document that authorizes you to shoot in certain TMB facilities during the Roda a TMB phase of Subtravelling. You only need to request it if you want to shoot in the spaces listed below, and it is essential that you always carry it with you, either in print or in digital format.
To obtain the shooting permit, fill out the application form at least 72 hours in advance on a business day. Before doing so, it is important that you review the participation rules and shooting regulations.

Shooting regulations at TMB facilities

It is necessary to apply for the permit if you want to shoot in any of these locations at least 72h before the shoot:
  • ● Metro facilities and interior
  • ● Inside the bus
  • ● Inside the Barcelona Bus Turístic (prepayment)
  • ● Facilities or interior of the Montjuïc Cable Car (prepayment)
  • ● Station or interior of the Montjuïc Funicular
To shoot at a bus stop or a stop of the Barcelona Bus Turístic you do not need to apply for a shooting permit.
Check the shooting regulations

Access to the facilities

The film crew (including the technical and artistic team) must be made up of a maximum of four people. All of them must be duly registered on the application form and must validate their ticket to access any TMB transport.

During the shoot, it is not allowed to:

  • ● Use spotlights, sound poles or any other instrument that may obstruct the passage of users.
  • ● Shoot simulations of crime scenes (robberies, fights, panhandling on trains, etc.).
  • ● Shoot any situation that violates the image of TMB.
  • ● Inconvenience transport users.