Sponsors and partners

We are fortunate to have partners who accompany us in our commitment to culture and to promote cultural, educational and social values among young people and amongst users of public transport.

We would therefore like to thank our collaborators for joining us in this adventure:


The Catalan Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences collaborates by providing recognition to the festival at a national level.

Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival (SMIFF)

It is the only festival in the world in conjunction with Subtravelling where the Metro is the protagonist of the shorts theme. It gives the first Roda a TMB Award consisting of a trip to Seoul to present the short at the festival.

Filmax Gran Vía

Filmax is a film production company that features large movie theaters located in Hospitalet de Llobregat. It gives the awards for la Mostra votes, such as cinema tickets and a year of free cinema and hosts the award ceremony. .


Professional photo and audiovisual provider since 1917 in Barcelona and Madrid, it collaborated this year with the second Roda a TMB award; a Panasonic Lumix S5 camera with 20-60mm optics.

Americana Film Fest

American independent film festival that since 2013 has proposed films by young American talents in cinemas Girona, Zumzeig and Phenomena. In this edition, the festival director and TMB worker, Josep Maria Machado, will collaborate as a jury in the "Roda a TMB" contest.

D’A Barcelona Film Festival

The focus on author cinema and new talent is 100% Barcelona. It exhibits at Aribau Theatres and CCCB. In his collaboration it will perform a special pass of the short winners and finalists from Roda to TMB. It will also give professional accreditations and credit notes for the DA festival.

Filmets Badalona Film Festival

It is an international festival of fiction, animation and documentary short films. Agusti Arguelich as organizer of this festival will be part of the professional jury of Roda a TMB and curator of the International Showcase.

La xarxa +

The platform of quality, proximity and free content of the Barcelona Provincial Council's Local Audiovisual Network, with BTV as flagship, broadcasts the shorts from Roda a TMB on the various local television stations. A permanent exclusive space will be created in La Xarxa + for the finalists.

Acadèmia del Cinema Català

It is born with the aim of being the unitary voice of Catalan cinematography formed by all the creative and productive sectors of the profession. A jury member is part of the academy and contributes the professional and prestigious part to the Subtravelling festival.