About Subtravelling

What is Subtravelling?

Subtravelling is a pioneering short film festival for its innovative features, which brings the short film genre to the TMB transport network.

The festival was born in 2009 as the Mostra Internacional de Curtmetratges del Metro (the International Metro Short Film Festival). It was a bid by the TMB Foundation to democratize culture and revitalize the short film market, bringing a selection of first-rate Catalan and international short films to all citizens, thus promoting social and cultural values among public transport users.

The first edition of Subtravelling was such a resounding success that, the following year, TMB decided to continue innovating, with the intention of promoting local creation and offering new filmmakers a space to develop their creativity and showcase their talent.

This is how Roda a TMB was born, the section of the festival in which filmmakers have to use their ingenuity to shoot a short film in which, in some way, TMB's transports appear.

Over the years, Subtravelling has not stopped growing. And with a strong desire to cross borders and become international, in 2016 it partnered with the Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival (SMIFF), a festival with which it shares characteristics: both are the only short film festivals in the world in which the metro and public transport are the protagonists.

Today, Subtravelling keeps the commitment with which it was born intact, and still takes a step further to become more professional. That is why in 2020 the festival has been renamed Subtravelling 11th International New Talents Short Film Fest BARCELONA - SEOUL. The aim is to become an international projection platform for filmmaking talent from Barcelona.

How to participate

Roda a TMB

From September 13 to Novembre 14, 2021

Shoot a short film of less than 3 minutes and 30 seconds in length, inspired by TMB's public transport, and enter it into the festival. You can win a trip to Seoul to attend the screening of your short film at SMIFF and many more awards.

La Mostra

From January, November 15th to November 30, 2021

Watch and vote for the short films participating in Roda a TMB and for a selection of international pieces chosen by SMIFF.
You can win a year of free movies and an iPad, among other prizes.


In December 2021

A jury made up of professionals from the worlds of cinema and audiovisuals will select the finalist short films of Roda a TMB. The winners of Subtravelling will be announced at the awards gala.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to participate in Subtravelling and have any questions, check out the FAQ.



Subtravelling is born as the Mostra Internacional de Curtmetratges del Metro Subtravelling to bring short films closer to metro users.


The Roda a TMB section is added, calling on creators and directors to shoot their short films at TMB's facilities.


Subtravelling partners with the Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival (SMIFF) with the intention of becoming international.


The festival changes its name and becomes Subtravelling 11th International New Talents Short Film Fest BARCELONA - SEOUL in a bid to become more professional.