Our jury

Josep M. Civit

Josep M. Civit

Director of photography. He studied Graphic Design and Photography at Eina Design School and graduated in Theory of Contemporary Arts at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Since 1986 he has worked as a director of photography and he combines his passion for feature films with his work in productions of all kinds for television, advertising, documentaries and the theatre.

He has collaborated on projects by well-known directors such as Bigas Luna, Agustí Villaronga, Monte Hellman, Paul Leduc, Carlos Saura, Rosa Vergés, Judith Colell, Adrian Noble, Juanma Bajo Ulloa, LLuis Danés, Daniel Calparsoro, Guillermo Fesser, Susan Seidelman and Joel Joan.

He has won numerous awards such as Best Cinematography at the Gaudí Awards in 2018 for the feature film "Incierta Gloria" and the same award and a 2016 Goya Award nomination for "El rey de La Habana". He recently won Best Cinematography at the 2021 Málaga Film Festival for his work in "El vientre del mar". He has also won the Coral at the La Habana Festival for the best photography for "Latino bar" and a Special Jury Mention at the Avoriaz Festival (France) for the cinematography in "Angustia".

Agustí Argelich

Agustí Argelich

Director of the FILMETS Badalona Film Festival and member of the Catalan Film Academy.

He is a producer and content consultant for the TV3 Film Unit and an international jury at various festivals such as the Gaudí Awards or the Cryptshow Festival.

Santiago Torres

Santiago Torres

Director of Communications and Institutional Relations at TMB.

He is also the director of the TMB Foundation.

Carolina Astudillo

President of the jury.

Director, journalist, researcher and teacher. She has a diploma in Film Studies from the Catholic University of Chile and a masters in Creative Documentary from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

She has developed her work in research, documentary creation and writing, with women and historical memory as recurring themes. Her works range from experimental films to documentaries and have been exhibited in museums and educational institutions.

Her documentaries "De monstruos y faldas" (2008), "El indecible" (2012), "El deseo de la civilización: notas para El gran vuelo" (2014) and "Un paseo por New York Harbor" (2019) have been awarded and exhibited at national and international festivals. Her first feature film, "El gran vuelo", (2014) won the Silver Biznaga for Best Documentary at the Málaga Festival (2015), among many others. Her second feature film, "Ainhoa, yo no soy esa" (2018), again won the Silver Biznaga for Best Documentary at the Málaga Film Festival (2018), the Grand Jury Prize in Escales documentaires (2018) and the award for best sound and a Special Jury Mention at DocumentaMadrid (2018).