The list of winners of the 11th edition of Subtravelling will be announced starting in January 2021 at the awards ceremony, which this year will take place virtually. Finalists will receive an invitation to attend the ceremony and find out live which are the best Subtravelling 2020 short films.

Awards given by the Subtravelling Jury

    The Subtravelling jury, made up of professionals from the worlds of cinema and other audio-visual media, will select the 10 finalist short films of Roda a TMB, from which the winners of Subtravelling 2020 will be chosen:

  • Jury Prize for Best Short Film from Roda a TMB

  • 2nd place Jury Prize for Best Short Film from Roda a TMB

  • Special mention for the Roda a TMB short film

Prizes awarded by the audience

    Through their votes on the Subtravelling website, the audience will be responsible for awarding the following prizes:

  • Audience Award for Best Short Film at Roda a TMB

  • Audience Award for Best Short Film in La Mostra

From Barcelona to Seoul

Of the 10 finalist short films chosen by the jury, the top five will cross borders and be screened at the 2021 SMIFF festival.

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